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" Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional."

- Unknown


Over the years, I developed a niche that bridges information and intergenerational gaps for people and companies to unite and embrace growing older through sharing experiences. You can rethink life options and create and implement a plan of action that sustains and allows you to succeed. 

My approach is simple to learn and helps people age better! Grandma always said, "when you know better, you do more!" I can discuss with you strategies and tactics that are uniquely designed to change how you age.

Dr. Katt's Great Grandmother

Growing up, my great-great-grandma would tell me two things daily (1) "you are destined for greatness," and (2) "you can do whatever you want if your get your mind on it." So because of her affirmation, I am always on the go and living my life to the fullest. And now, people constantly ask me, "how do you stay so young and active?" Some folks mention, "every time I look on social media, you are traveling or doing something" and "what are you doing next?." I sum up my response up by saying... "Yep, and what about you? Why aren't you out here living your best life?

I grew up in Philadelphia and was fortunate to be part of a family with five generations of admirable, beautiful, caring, dedicated, exciting, fabulous, God-Fearing, hustling women of color living in the same city. I love and dearly hold the experience of having a great-great-grandmother, two great-grandmothers, six great-aunts, and two grandmas for many decades. Support and wisdom were not lacking in our environment. And they were high-functioning, quick-paced, and no-nonsense people. These women were illustrious matriarchs that stayed intensely focused on keeping the family together and accountable. They lived independently in their communities and were respected and loved by all. Never allowing grass to grow under their feet, you could always catch them dashing out to use public transportation to complete daily tasks well into their 80s.


Today, at 90, my grandma still shops for essentials and pays bills downtown on the subway—my mom too. These women are a vital part of our family and live extraordinary lives. All the women in my life, past or present, have been leaders, community influencers, educators, and business-minded folks infused with determination, kindness, and value. They are an exceptional example of how to age and be joyful along life's journey. Their spirits drive, fuel, and legitimize my passion, hard work, and dedication to active aging, community & seniors, and an intricate part of how "AgingForward" got started. And now, serving as the family's matriarch, I am blessed to have five living generations living, and, at present, I have the opportunity to share my experiences with others.


 "Be purposeful and age differently. So, let's control our story, own the narrative, and avoid being stuck in someone else's plain-ass story on how we should age!​"

 -Dr. Katt

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