Be Your True Age:Tips for Keeping Your Body Feeling Young

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

While it’s true that our bodies change as we get older, there are times when our bodies can age even faster than we do. When this occurs, we start to suffer from symptoms that should belong to persons who are older, but there are simple ways to prevent that from happening.

Work Your Brain

Your brain might be the first organ to clearly show that it’s aging. According to the Healthy, if

your brain is aging faster than you are, you’ll start to have trouble finding the right words when talking and could even experience memory loss. You may also have problems with driving or maintaining your balance. Before things get to that point, however, there are things you can do to keep your brain young and healthy. These include getting exercise and making sure you’re sleeping well at night. It’s also recommended that you participate in social activities like going out with friends or taking part in community activities. It also helps when you stimulate your brain by starting a new hobby, such as playing an instrument or learning a new language.

Keep Your Body Moving

The World Health Organization recommends that adults between the ages of 18 and 64 get at least 150 minutes of moderately intense physical exercise per week. If you’re doing a more intense exercise program, then you only need 75 minutes per week. The type of exercise activities you participate in may vary, but it’s important to develop a program that maximizes the benefits without causing you harm. When doing your research, you should consider which exercises impact your areas of interest. For example, it has been found that endurance training can help the body and brain feel and act younger.

To ramp up your endurance training, consider purchasing a fitness tracker or smartwatch to

monitor your progress and provide motivation. These tools can measure the distance you travel, calories burned, and your heart rate, along with many other metrics. There are tons of great new models available including the Apple Watch Series 6 which has always-on display and can monitor your workouts whether you run, bike, swim, or dance. Another model is the Fitbit Inspire HR which has heart rate tracking, guided breathing exercises, and sleep monitoring.

You’re as Young as You Eat

Eating well not only keeps you healthy, but it can also help you look and feel younger as well. The food you eat can be the difference between being your true age and aging faster than you should. It’s best to avoid refined carbohydrates and foods that are high in bad fats. Foods that are high in sugar and salt should also be off your shopping list. Instead, you should focus on adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. As a substitute for sugar, try recipes with dried fruit instead.

Another interesting thing to consider is the health of your gut microbiome. If you’ve never heard that term before, then it’s talking about the group of microorganisms that live in your stomach and help to regulate important functions such as your immune system and the balance of neurotransmitters in your brain. Keeping your gut microbiome healthy keeps your body healthy and less likely to age faster than it should. Some of the foods that can keep your gut microbiome healthy include wild salmon, pickles, yogurt, and dark chocolate.

Take a Break From it All

When you take breaks from your daily lives and hectic schedules, your body will thank you.

Activities like meditation can help to reduce your stress levels while giving you the tools you

need to focus on your daily tasks. When you get enough sleep, your body shows the effects on the inside as well as the outside. You’ll not only feel more refreshed and have increased mental acuity, but your skin will also keep looking young. If you have issues with pain or insomnia,

consider getting acupuncture to alleviate the symptoms. Cosmetic acupuncture is also available to help you look as young as you feel.

There are a number of ways you can ensure that your body stays young. The sooner you start making them a part of your daily life, the quicker you’ll start to see the results.

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